Hanlon Composites, LLC

1280 East 286th St., Euclid, OH 44132

tel: 216-261-7056

e: InsideSales@HanlonComposites.com


Compression Molding

We use compression molding techniques such as Sheet Molding Compound | Composite (SMC) to provide low dimentional variability for large production runs.


Our chopping production capability allows for customization of large-sized products, and medium to large production runs. The design options are endless, quick and cost effective.

Our capabilities allow us to offer a wide variety of possibilties; a wide range of parts, sizes, volumes, and configurations. We can meet your tight tolerances and are experienced in most advanced materials. We also offer design assistance for specific part configurations and can work with you on structural integrity performance requirements.


In addition, we provide value-added services such as assembly of hardware, brackets, lights, controls, wire harnesses, and can offer custom crating and packaging services - providing you with an opportunity to purchase "ready to install" quality molded fiberglass components.

Hand Lay-Up

We have over 60 years history providing composite hand lay-up projects (HLU’s) for many different markets. Our Euclid, OH plant is well lit, clean and organized,  allowing us to manufacture small to large projects.